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World Health Organization Says Burnout is a Real Syndrome

by on Friday, July 12th, 2019

World Health Organization Says Burnout is a Real Syndrome

The World Health Organization recently announced that burnout will officially be classified in the International Classification of Diseases as a syndrome in that it is “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” Burnout is characterized as feeling energy depletion, mentally distant from work, or feeling negative about your job. By having this new definition of burnout be classified, this will help raise awareness to the problem and lead to more research to treat the problem.

Signs of Burnout

Burnout is different than depression in that this definition applies to our work and relationship with work. You may feel helpless, unappreciated, or overloaded at work but for a long period of time. The signs are subtle at first but can get worse over time. Physical symptoms can mean feeling tired and drained, low immunity, frequent headaches, or a change in appetite or sleep habits. Emotional symptoms include feeling like a failure, feeling alone in the world, losing motivation, negative outlook on your work, and not feeling satisfied in the work you do. There are behavioral symptoms as well where you shirk off your responsibilities, isolation, procrastinate, take out frustrations on others, skip work, come in late, or leave early.

Causes of Burnout

Anyone at work who feels overworked or undervalued is at risk for burnout. It can be an employee who has not been on vacation for years or someone with too much responsibilities like taking care of the kids, pets, house, and juggling a job as well. You may feel like you hardly have any control of the work that you do, doing tedious work, or feel you are under too much pressure. 

What to Do About Burnout

One way that you can treat burnout is by turning to others when depressed or stressed. Speak face-to-face with someone who is a good listener to help calm your nervous system. You can also change the way that you look at work such as being grateful that you have a job that helps you pay the bills compared to others still struggling to find any job. You can better notice whether an employee has burnout by seeing if they feel a sense of community at work, do not feel burdened by their work, and are living a healthy work-life balance. With burnout being a syndrome, employers will take it seriously and help their employees feel at home when at work.

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