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Working Towards Self-Love in Addiction Recovery

by on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021


Many that have struggled with active addiction know that the disease feeds off of your lowest moments. Low self-esteem is one of the key ingredients of addiction that allows it to thrive. In recovery, you have the perfect opportunity to combat any self-doubt by actively working towards self-love. Self-love is crucial to successful, sustained recovery

However, after significant time practicing unhealthy habits, you may be unsure how to do so. As you continue on your journey, consider these tips to help you move towards self-love in addiction recovery.

Start Your Day With a Positive Affirmation

What you do in the morning will set the tone for your entire day. Starting on a positive note can help your motivation towards sobriety. Consider using daily affirmations to uplift your mood and prepare for the day. You can find affirmations online or simply tell yourself something positive that you are thankful for each morning. These will serve as healthy reminders to keep you going on the darkest days.

Practice Healthy Habits

If you want to feel positive towards yourself, you need to take care of your physical body. It is vital to understand that this doesn’t mean to place value in your physical appearance but rather to practice habits that give you energy, keep you motivated, and uplift your mood. Doing your favorite exercises and eating healthy foods will keep you energized and feeling good about yourself. These healthy habits are crucial for recovery, especially on hard days.

Learn to Trust Yourself

After active addiction, you may be wondering how you can trust yourself in recovery. However, learning how to trust yourself will prepare you for the future. By knowing your values, picturing your future, and living life true to yourself, you can begin taking baby steps towards self-trust. It may be challenging at first, but over time you will grow used to it and learn to choose the things that benefit your well-being.

Self-love is crucial for long-term recovery because you must learn how to enjoy the person you are becoming. Addiction thrives off of self-doubt because it makes you believe you deserve the negativity coming your way. By learning how to overcome these feelings and instead practice self-love, you can set yourself up for success in sobriety. Restorations Therapy is here to help you along this path through specialized therapy and educational programs. Our trained staff will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve a successful recovery. Call us today to learn more at (720) 446-6585.

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