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What Traumatic Bonding Feels Like

by on Friday, July 19th, 2019

What Traumatic Bonding Feels Like

Traumatic bonding is when you are in a relationship with someone that you know is toxic for you, but you cannot help but still stick with this person. This person could be sweet to you one minute and then nasty the next. By understanding what it means to be traumatically bonded to someone, you know just how unhealthy it is for you to stay in it and that it is important to seek help to learn how to break away from it.

The Romance Feels Like a Fantasy

When you first entered this relationship, it seemed like it was your dream love. Everything you wanted in a relationship you got with your partner. Then out of nowhere, it seems like your partner is acting unusual. In normal relationships, problems will occur normally from the outside like your spouse coming home feeling frustrated after having a rough day at home or making any stressful changes. Problems should not just keep reappearing about the two of you constantly throughout the relationship. Your partner is supposed to try to make things better between the two of you instead of using this as an excuse to attack you.

Constant Fighting

Constant fighting in a traumatically bonded relationship means fighting about the same thing and never coming to a resolution or your partner finds something else to argue about right after making up. You do not understand what you did to make that person mad. Normal couples can have fights and not have to worry every day about having to battle a storm instead of getting along.

Being Blamed for Everything

If your partner is being physically or emotionally abusive towards you, they will blame you for that. There are times where your partner could sound reasonable or unreasonable. By hearing them constantly blaming you for everything going wrong, this can lower your image of yourself and you start to believe them after a while.

Wishing and Hoping for Change

You notice a lot of flaws in your partner, but are willing to ignore them as you believe they will eventually change. You think that you have the power to stop your partner from cheating on you or hitting you. If you truly feel unhappy with your partner all of the time, leave this relationship in order to improve your mental health and save your energy for someone who makes you happy all the time.

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