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What Not to Do If You Have Anxiety

by on Thursday, August 29th, 2019

What Not to Do If You Have Anxiety

People who are struggling with anxiety tend to look for a quick fix. While certain approaches may feel like they are helping you at the moment, these tools will not help you in the long run and can actually make your anxiety worse over time. By learning about what not to do when you are struggling with anxiety, you will realize that the best course to take is towards a medically-assisted treatment plan.

Drinking Coffee

Coffee is normally a go-to drink that people have in the morning. People with anxiety, however, tend to drink it if they feel too overwhelmed at work and feel like the caffeine will help them stay awake and relax. While we may feel focused at the moment after drinking coffee, caffeine is still a stimulant and can make your anxiety even worse. It can make you jittery and trigger your anxiety. If you are looking for a cup of coffee to start your morning, it is best to go with decaf. 


People with anxiety tend to smoke cigarettes to help them relax when they are feeling stressed. Over time, though, cigarettes can actually make your stress even worse. If you do not smoke for a while, the withdrawal symptoms can mean irritability and anxiety. If you have a smoking habit, it is best to find resources at The American Lung Association website to help quit.


It may seem like a common routine to come home and pour yourself a glass of wine or crack open a bottle of beer after a long day at work. This may not be the best approach to help your anxiety as quitting after a few alcoholic beverages can lead to withdrawal symptoms like nausea, anxiety, and headaches, making the problem worse later. While drinking may have relaxing effects at the moment, you will develop a dangerous habit in which you will need to speak to a medical professional of your alcoholism.

Lashing Out 

Having anxiety can cause to lash out at others. You may feel like it is better to take this approach to let out your anger instead of keeping it inside. The problem is that if you get angry every time your friends and family try to reach out to you, you will have no personal relationships. By doing deep breathing and seeing a therapist, you will learn about healthy long-term methods to relieving anxiety.

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