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What is Important in an Addiction Recovery Memoir

by on Saturday, December 28th, 2019

There are many influential people who have written memoirs about their experiences in recovery from addiction. When you write a book, it is always important to make sure that you are being as real as possible. By knowing what to leave in and out of an addiction recovery memoir, you have the potential to teach others about the horrors of addiction and how meaningful recovery is.

What to Remove in an Addiction Recovery Memoir

Readers pick up books about addiction recovery because they want information they are seeking out about it. This means that you need to put in experiences that fit in with the context and theme of your book. You should not divert from the subject and write about experiences that do not tie in with your addiction and recovery. There may be moments in your life that were interesting to you, but they may not interest your reader. For example, you may write in your memoir about what your high school experience was like even though it does not tie in to how you developed an addiction to drugs. Readers will feel like these scenes are unnecessary and will slow down the pacing. If the divorce of your parents led you to anxiety which led you to drugs, that is something to include in your memoir.

What to Include in an Addiction Recovery Memoir

Every event that you write in your addiction recovery memoir needs to move the novel forward by providing a deeper understanding of your drug addiction and the beginning of another journey to recovery. There may be scenes in your life that have been dramatic or interesting to you, but is not bringing readers that intended understanding about your struggles with addiction. Think about your motivation for writing this story. Is it to talk about the people in your life who helped you on your journey? Is it to place blame? Is it to educate others on how addiction can interfere with your life? 

It is also important to make sure that you do not sound cliche. Do not write about events that are typical in an addiction recovery memoir. If it is a similar event that has happened to others like a drunk driving accident, talk about how that accident led you to help yourself. Knowing why you are writing an addiction recovery memoir and being honest about your journey will inspire others. 

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