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Understanding Codependent Relationships in Recovery

by on Thursday, June 10th, 2021

codependent relationships

There are numerous kinds of unhealthy relationships, but there is a particular one that often occurs alongside substance use issues. Codependent relationships are incredibly harmful to both individuals, and they can often worsen over time without treatment. Many people do not realize they are in codependent relationships until it’s too late. For these reasons, it is crucial to learn about the signs and symptoms of codependent relationships. As you learn, you can begin to notice them in your own life or in the lives of those you care about to help the person struggling to seek treatment. Through this education, you can restore hope and live a happy, healthy life.

What Is a Codependent Relationship?

A codependent relationship occurs when one partner takes on the caregiver role while the other partner takes on a victim role in need of saving. The person that is the caregiver will typically do anything they can to help the victim, usually to the point of enabling the person’s bad habits. For this reason, codependent relationships typically occur within instances where addiction is present. 

Codependency and Addiction

Codependency and addiction often coincide because one allows the other to continue. This is because the codependent person will often make excuses, take on responsibilities, and forego all boundaries at the expense of “protecting” the other person. The person struggling with addiction, therefore, faces no consequences as a result of their actions. They will continue abusing drugs and alcohol because they know the other person will clean up their mess.

Escaping a Codependent Relationship

The best weapon you have against codependent relationships is education. Educating yourself about the signs of a codependent relationship is how you can identify them in your life. You should also consider seeking professional help to begin having honest conversations with yourself and your partner. As you navigate the process, you can start setting boundaries, taking breaks, and stopping negative thinking in your relationship. Remember, you should always take care of yourself first. 

Codependent relationships are more common than you might think, especially in situations where addiction is present. These relationships are often harmful to both parties involved, so it is crucial to learn the signs to identify them in your own life. If you need help leaving a codependent relationship, Restorations Therapy is here to help you. We specialize in treating addictions and relationship issues, with various programs available to suit your individual needs. Visit our website or call us today at (720) 446-6585 to learn more. Healing begins at Restorations Therapy.

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