Why do past traumas affect me now?

Trauma can be anything that disturbs or causes distress in one’s life. Just as breaking one’s arm is a physical trauma, humans experience emotional trauma from many different experiences. These experiences could include loss, relationship hurts, death of a loved one, emotional abuse, loneliness, violence, or addiction, to name a few.

Valiant Living works under the clinical premise that no trauma is too small. What may seem insignificant to one, could cause traumatic emotional pain to another, for every person is different. Many people ignore emotional wounds, hoping they will disappear. Sadly this often does not happen, and those wounds arise influencing many parts of one’s life. Addictions may begin as an attempt to avoid the pain or memories of trauma. If and how one chooses to deal with emotional hurts will influence one’s holistic health, not just emotional health.

These powerful experiences and their memories often lead to addictions, attempting to cope or escape from the pain and emotional turmoil.

Signs of unresolved trauma may include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, hyperactivity, feeling numb or disconnected, negative relationship patterns, emotional withdrawal, and addiction. Finding a safe place to face and process one’s trauma can lead to a freedom in life, unhindered by the emotional pains of the past. Restorations Therapy Center focuses on sexual addictive wounds, providing recovery to addictive behaviors, all while guiding clients through the process of healing unresolved trauma wounds. RTC recognizes this holistic approach as the ultimate key to long-term and true sexual health restoration.

Families, partners and spouses of those struggling with sexual addiction experience their own real trauma from the addict’s behaviors, yet in different ways. The trauma of discovering the addiction, remember specific experiences, or recognizing the presence of the addiction for years all can be traumatic. Processing these moments with a trained therapist can help one process the pain, anger, and other emotions from the trauma, starting the path of healing. Past experiences do not have to rule one’s life!

For the first time in a long time I feel hope and have peace… Through the program, I have received encouragement, support and above all a plan for recovery!! -Roland

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Partners of Addicts

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Therapy Groups

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Couples Therapy

 When a relationship takes a hit, no matter who’s at fault, both partners have had to pay a price. Couples therapy provides a safe place to face the hurts and together work toward restoration.



 We all have traumas in life, influencing us in many ways. Often traumas influence how we process events, blocking progress unless we receive the specific attention needed.


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