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The Effects of Addiction on Romantic Relationships

by on Saturday, November 14th, 2020

Addiction has a variety of consequences on every part of a person’s life. Because the individual struggling with addiction is immersed in the disease, it can be hard to realize how it is affecting others close to them, including their romantic partner. The partner can often suffer their own trauma due to their partner’s addiction. Healing is possible, but the problems must first be recognized. Here are some of the impacts addiction has on romantic relationships. 

Lying and Mistrust

Individuals suffering from addiction may in order to cover up their addiction. Their drug or alcohol use becomes their main priority, and they may begin slacking off of work or other responsibilities to fulfill this “obligation.” The lies and deceit typically grow as the person with addiction begins feeling guilty about their substance abuse. This can cause a rift in the relationship as a lack of trust begins to develop between the partners. Once trust is gone, it can be extremely difficult to rebuild the relationship. The person suffering from addiction should seek treatment for this to even be possible. 

Aggression and Abuse

A common symptom of addiction is rage. This is because of emotional instability and sometimes is a side effect of the drug or alcohol a person is consuming. The partner with a drinking or drug abuse problem may be angry with themselves because they feel ashamed of what they are doing, but this anger is often misdirected onto their partner. Small arguments can quickly become big fights, and unfortunately, this can lead to domestic abuse. This leads to more rifts in the relationship and trauma being experienced on both sides. 

Enabling and Co-Dependency

It is not uncommon for those in relationships with someone dealing with addiction to take on one of two roles: the enabler or the co-dependent. Enablers often make excuses that end up enabling their partner’s addiction to continue seemingly without consequence. Enablers are always there to pick up their partner’s mess and protect them from the consequences of their addiction. Co-dependents, on the other hand, like to feel needed and want to take care of their addicted partner. Unfortunately, these types of partners are often only taking care of their significant other in order to fulfill their need of being wanted and loved; therefore, this type of support does nothing to help the addict. 

The impact that addiction has on relationships is intense and often becomes worse over time, especially if your partner is co-dependent or an enabler. A relationship cannot expect to heal if the person suffering from addiction and their partner do not seek treatment. At Restorations Therapy, you and your partner can work together with our highly trained professionals to create a personalized plan designed to address your individual needs. We offer various types of care, including couples’ counseling, individual therapy, and group therapy. Through treatment, you can begin to mend and strengthen your relationship with your partner. You can both learn to improve your communication skills and find ways to be a better team and support each other in healthy ways as you traverse the road to recovery together. Healthy relationships cannot exist in the presence of addiction. You can find healing with us at Restorations Therapy. Call (720) 446-6585 today for more information about the programs we offer.

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