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The Dangers of Speedballing

by on Sunday, June 9th, 2019

The Dangers of Speedballing

When people speedball, it means that they are taking more than one drug in order to have a stronger, long-lasting high compared to abusing one drug alone. If both drugs are deadly alone, this combination can increase your chances of death. By going into treatment for addiction of both drugs, you can stop the dangerous side effects of this type of substance abuse before it begins.


Speedballing is mixing heroin and cocaine together. It can mean that both substances are injected into the bloodstream with needles or snorted nasally together. Heroin is an opioid that slows down your breathing and leads to respiratory failure, especially when combined with a depressant like alcohol. Cocaine is a substance that can increase your heart rate and cause you to breathe rapidly. Together, the negative consequences can be amplified. Cocaine requires your body to take in and use more oxygen while heroin will slow your breathing and cause a strain to overactive lungs, heart, and brain. Since cocaine wears off faster, this will lead you to inject yourself more than using heroin or cocaine separately.

Side Effects

The factors that influence how speedballing effects you can be setting, the drugs itself, and who is taking the drugs. Cocaine can lead to anxiety, hypersensitive to sight, sound and touch, high blood pressure, irregular or rapid heartbeat. Heroin can lead to drowsiness and a slowed breathing rate. Speedballing can lead to blurred vision, confusion, paranoia, uncontrollable movements, and long-term effects on the lungs, heart, and liver. Patients may experience paranoia, depression, and manic episodes. Speedballing can also increase your chances of suffering from a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, or stop breathing.

Speedballing Treatment

Since this is not one but two drugs that need to be treated, it is important for your treatment plan has to account for the effects of each type of drug used to manage withdrawal symptoms and relapse. Treatment centers need to understand the physical effects of body drugs and the body’s responses to withdrawal symptoms to successfully treat them. It is possible that you could face cognitive challenges that can make treatment difficult. In order to have the best chance of recovery as well as avoiding relapse, it is important to think about the physical and mental effects that both drugs are having on you to better explain to your therapist what needs to be done to ensure a successful recovery.

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