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The Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

by on Thursday, May 21st, 2020

healthy relationship

Healthy relationships are not easy to maintain since it takes work to nurture and sustain a solid foundation of trust and respect. Some elements of healthy relationships include:

  • Respect for each other, particularly when it comes to one another’s independence within the relationship, as well as providing privacy and space. This mutual respect leads to making individual decisions without fearing the other person will retaliate and also promotes making shared decisions. Furthermore, respect leads to the fact that if the relationship ends for any reason, neither party will refuse to let the other go, or resort to stalking behaviors.
  • Open communication allows the sharing of feelings within the relationship, even during instances when there may be disagreements. Therefore, both parties feel heard and not judged.
  • Honesty is being truthful, not telling lies, and doing the right thing. Connecting with your partner in honest ways is crucial since it builds trust, and that is a vital element of making a resilient and robust relationship.
  • Trust is imperative, so that each partner may feel comfortable encouraging the other to spend time with their group of friends and participate in individual activities. Building trust takes time, and losing trust may only take one situation or argument to break.
  • An effort is trying. When partners in a relationship try to keep the spark alive in their relationship no matter how long they’ve been together, that is effort. Furthermore, working out issues throughout the length of the relationship is effort. Just trying to maintain the foundation of the relationship creates a healthy environment for it to thrive.
  • Compromise from both parties when it comes to decisions regarding living situations, accepting job offers, and financial decisions.
  • Equal power balance which makes both parties feel comfortable in expressing their concerns and opinions to their partners without resistance or retribution.
  • Establishing boundaries allows both partners to feel comfortable and heard in their relationship.

Are You Looking for Help in Cultivating a Healthy Relationship?

         Not all relationships are healthy, but they can be with hard work and commitment. Furthermore, abusive relationships are the opposite of what this article discusses, so if you’re reading it and realizing that you may be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship, you are not alone. You may also need help to deal with the situation. Maintaining trust, honest communication, and boundaries are essential elements to healthy relationships and may only develop when they are cultivated and worked on by both parties within the relationship. If you are looking for help cultivating a healthy relationship, call us today at (720)-446-6585.

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