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The Benefits of Physical Touch on Mental Health

by on Thursday, April 8th, 2021

physical touch

In the age of COVID-19, there isn’t much physical touch going on. Lack of physical contact isn’t just occurring between different households, but those who live in the same house as well. Many partners have lessened physical touch due to anxiety and depression. Symptoms of these disorders can cause you to isolate yourself, avoiding physical contact with those closest to you. However, physical touch can have numerous benefits for your mental health. By understanding these, you may be more inclined to spend more time cuddling with your partner or children.

Touch Offers Empathy and Support

When someone is going through a difficult time, they may be inclined to push others away and isolate themselves, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, isolating yourself and depriving yourself of touch can cause further anxiety and depression. A simple touch on the back or holding of the hand can communicate support from another person. It can show that they empathize with you and are there to help in your most troubling times, which can bring you a sense of calm.

Positive Emotions

Physical touch not only benefits the receiver but can have a positive impact on the giver too. A study published by Psychosomatic Medicine found that physical contact can activate your brain’s reward system, resulting in heightened positive emotions in both parties. This result of physical touch also helps increase the sense of connection between the two individuals, helping relieve negative emotions and feel the person’s support.

Improved Physical Health

In a time of uncertainty due to a pandemic, physical health is at the forefront of people’s minds. Touch can help boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure, promoting your overall physical health. An increase in physical health can also improve your mental health during this distressing time, bringing you more peace through knowing touch can help you survive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to be in a time of touch deprivation. However, some individuals live in a house with their partner or children where they can engage in physical touch without health concerns. Even so, many individuals are reluctant due to depression and anxiety symptoms often brought on by the pandemic. Knowing the benefits of physical touch for mental health is essential, as it can prompt people to come closer and love each other physically. Physical touch can help overall mental health in a time of uncertainty. Call Restorations Therapy today at (720) 446-6585.

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