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The Addictive World of Social Media

by on Monday, July 5th, 2021

Of all the things people can be addicted to in this world, who would have thought that social media, when it first came into being, could become so addictive for so many? There’s no question that social media can be and is a wonderful thing. 

However, for some people, social media interferes in their lives so much that it can be as harmful as being addicted to drinking, eating, or gambling. With nearly everyone accessing social media sites at least once during any given day, it can be difficult to tell if a person is addicted to it or not. The more people are using the Internet and social media, whether for work, personal use, or both, they are more likely to get hooked.

Signs of Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction can best be described as someone spending so much time on social media that it affects other aspects of their lives. A few tell-tale signs that you or someone you know could be addicted to social media include:

  • Spending so much time per day on social media — possibly several hours — that things like work, home life, social life, or school take a back seat. One might even lose sleep because they’re spending so much time on social media. 
  • Constantly checking one’s email or social media accounts
  • Oversharing about one’s own life, even the most ordinary or mundane things
  • Being more comfortable in online social settings than in real-life situations with people

Spending time on social media can be used to “escape” money problems, marriage or relationship issues, or problems at work. Conversely, a social media addiction can cause trouble in one’s marriage or get someone fired from one’s job for something they’ve posted on social media. Problems can occur even if they have posted something in their own free time and not from a company-owned computer or mobile device.

Treating Social Media Addiction

As with any addiction, the first step toward treating it is to admit you have a problem. Limiting one’s access to social media sites may be a part of treatment. 

Society’s use of social media is becoming more significant with each passing day. With so many people working from home these days, their ability to be on social media is greater than ever. However, with that also comes more people struggling with social media addiction. If you or a loved one has an addiction to social media, it may need to be treated professionally due to underlying issues at the root of social media addiction. At Restorations Therapy, we have professional counselors who can help you take the first step to treatment. To see how we can help you, call (720) 446-6586.

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