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Technology Filtering: Our Recommendations

by on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

For anyone struggling with pornography Technology Filters: Our Recommendationsaddiction, finding computer and phone filtering software is essential to beginning recovery. It is not the only step, but it is a practical step in helping yourself learn to cope with life without using pornography as the go-to outlet. Below, we have compiled our recommendations on computer filtering software we give our clients every day. At Restorations, we don’t believe that there is one software that is the best, but these are two of the programs that we have seen to be successful for our clients.

  • MobiCIP – The Child Internet Protection act of 2000 was created to help children navigate the internet safely, years before tablets and smartphones were in every pocket. MobiCIP exists as a method of protecting children, and recovering addicts, from viewing questionable material online. With computer, phone, and tablet options, MobiCIP can lock down multiple devices from accessing pornographic material. One of the draw backs of MobiCIP is the program does exactly what it’s meant to, protect users from only pornography. Questionable or risky materials are not restricted by the program. MobiCIP’s phone and tablet versions are the best we’ve found on the market thus far. Paired with iPhone’s internal restrictions, a strong net exists to help protect the user from unwanted content.
  • K9 – Another program built for children, K9, is a free parental control program to help parents limit children’s internet activity. There are roughly 255 options of content to restrict, with over 20 criteria around sexual content. K9 provides a powerful filter towards all content, not just pornographic material. One of the best aspects of this program is that when a questionable website is visited, the browser will bark at the user. The idea is to inform a parent in the other room a child has found a deemed inappropriate site, and a conversation may be helpful. This sound is a creative alert for those struggling with addiction as well. K9 works extremely well, but sometimes can be overly protective, blocking benign sites.

Depending on your situation, one solution might work better than others. Do some research and try one out. If you have found another program that works great for you, reply to this blog! We are always searching for tools to help our clients.

This list is not meant to be the end-all solution for you if you struggle with viewing pornography. If you are struggling with a pornography addiction, “just stopping” will not work longterm. There are issues underlying that need to be addressed, and there are incredible programs out there to help you. If you think you might have a deeper problem, reaching out for help is step number one. Our team is available to talk with you and help direct you to the right resources for your situation. You can contact us at 720-446-6585 or

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