Substance Use Disorder Treatment


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Our professionals program for men offers a number of treatments including those for substance use disorders. The same criteria can be applied for all addiction (tolerance, withdrawal, loss of control, continued use despite adverse consequences, damaged relationships with family and friends, financial/employment issues, inability to stay abstinent or moderate, preoccupation, cravings (restless, irritable and discontent), disconnection for self and others and a mind that forgets the promises/resolutions and resolve from all a few days ago. There is so much more to the mental and spiritual issues that exist in the addictive process as well as the recovery process.

We are experts in helping the suffering addict not only with the chemical addiction but also the behaviors, psychological aspects, underlying co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma.  If we treat the entire person and the family system we are able to help give each family the best chance at true intimacy, love and serenity.

For the first time in a long time I feel hope and have peace… Through the program, I have received encouragement, support and above all a plan for recovery!! -Steven

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Health and wholeness are available to everyone willing to commit to pursuing a better life. Our program offers tested paths to a happy you and a better life!

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Intimacy Disorders

Addiction influences every part of life, from family, work, and friends, to self-esteem; recovery bring health and wholeness to everything. Learn about our powerful recovery process.

Partners of Addicts

 Partners need their own support to process the pain and anger from their partners actions. See how Restorations can provide the support needed through this difficult time.

Therapy Groups

 Sharing with others in the same situation offers insights and connection. Groups provide a support system alongside therapy conducted facilitator for healthy engagement.

Couples Therapy

 When a relationship takes a hit, no matter who’s at fault, both partners have had to pay a price. Couples therapy provides a safe place to face the hurts and together work toward restoration.


 We all have traumas in life, influencing us in many ways. Often traumas influence how we process events, blocking progress unless we receive the specific attention needed.

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