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by on Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Alcoholics Anonymous is a successful fellowship that implements the 12 steps to ensure you fix the problems you caused as a result of addiction and to seek treatment. But, Alcoholics Anonymous may not work for everyone. It is important to keep an open mind to other support groups out there where you can meet others on the same journey as you and can help motivate you to keep up with treatment.

Tempest Sobriety School

This support group is an eight-week virtual course. This website provides weekly live sessions, recorded lectures, Q&A sessions, daily guided meditations, intention-seeking, etc. You start every day with a new thought or intention to begin the day with. There are small breakout groups to help you with the course materials. Once the eight-week course is completed, you will have access to your course work and other resources for a full year. This is not meant to replace detox or 12-step work, but as an addition to your treatment. For $547, you will experience knowledge from tools, teachings, and other practices from experts in addiction recovery. You will also be surrounded by a group of people who understand what you are going through and how to live your best life.


Sobriety can be hard when your friends are still drinking and you see all of these partying events on social media. During your sobriety, you can take a break from your usual social media sites and try Loosid, a sobriety social network. Loosid can help you find new sober friends as well as discover sober events, destinations, and groups near you. Loosid is a safe place to be in where you can meet people who want to be sober just as much as you do.

Club Soda

The Club Soda movement takes the concept of mindfulness and applies it to alcohol. There is an educational blog, online courses, a sober events calendar, and a private Facebook group. The creators behind Club Soda want people to be mindful of their drinking habits and to empower those who do not drink. For $20 a month, you will gain flexible tools to achieve your drinking goals, get a sense of community, and generate a mindful approach to drinking habits. While these sober platforms were not intended for the purpose of replacing 12-step programs or other forms of treatment, these websites can provide you with a sober community and understanding.

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