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Singer/Songwriter Writes Song About His Brother’s Addiction

by on Friday, October 25th, 2019

Raphael Saadiq has produced songs for famous singers like Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston as well as made albums of his own. He has also had a tragic personal life as he lost his brother, Jimmy Lee, to HIV after sharing heroin needles. By writing a song about what was going on through his brother’s head, Saadiq helps gain an understanding of his own as well as helps other to. 

Jimmy Lee

Saadiq would always defend his brother from anyone who would disrespect him. He would remember his brother as fun, witty, and always smiling. Saadiq felt like people were always speaking negative about Jimmy Lee because of his addiction. He wrote the song “Sinner’s Prayer” from the perspective of Jimmy Lee asking for help from his family and a Higher Power. Then, Saadiq decided to make a whole album named after his brother instead of limiting it to one song. This album is about different types of addictions and the struggles of breaking them. Saadiq, himself, had issues with dieting and trying different foods which he incorporated in his songs. He wanted to emphasize just how much addiction can take over your life. 

Glory to the Veins

The original title to Saadiq’s album was called “Glory to the Veins” which is the name of the tenth song on the album. This song is about honoring those who struggle with addiction and that they are not alone in trying to get better. He believes in expressing love in those who are struggling instead of the negativity. In the song, Saadiq sings about how addiction is a world epidemic and how his brother still showed joy despite his challenges with addiction. Saadiq acknowledges that he knows he could have followed the same path because of where he grew up and for being in the music business, but he was not going through that door.

Something Keeps Calling

This song Saadiq wrote about his friend, professional basketball player Brian Grant, who struggled with opioid addiction. His Parkinson’s Disease gave him anxiety and would constantly apologize to Saadiq when he would not show up for him. Saadiq felt like he never needed an apology from him. This song is about wanting to do right. By dedicating an entire album towards drug addiction, Saadiq is helping to break the stigma and teach others that you need love while in recovery instead of negativity. 

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