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Sex Education and Sex Addiction

by on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Have you Sex Educationever wondered how much you should tell your children about sex? The question is often posed by parents, but the answer seems quite elusive. Thoughts like these might cross your mind: If I tell my children about sex, will they become obsessed with everything sexual? If I don’t talk to them about sex, will this ease their curiosity and keep them out of sexual exploration? How do I know what is appropriate and what is not?

In an article posted by Gentle Path at the Meadows, the author begins to shed some light on what is appropriate to tell your children about sex. She asserts that talking to your kids about their sexuality will not lead them into sexual behavior; in fact, having these conversations may actually lessen the probably that your child will struggle with intimacy issues later in life. When sexual feelings and thoughts are unaddressed, it often leads to shame and secrecy, a breeding ground for addiction and other intimacy struggles. Research shows sex education for children and adolescents is actually more likely to delay the onset of sexual intercourse, reduce the number of sexual partners, and increase use of contraceptive use when they are sexually active.

Moral of this story, sexuality is a key part of each human being and needs to be nurtured from an early age. A child who believes that all sexual behavior is “dirty” can be drawn into a storm difficulties including self loathing and shame. Instead, it is more helpful to begin talking to your kids about what they are experiencing during their childhood. Make yourself, as the parent, a safe place where they can ask awkward questions and find honest, age appropriate answers. If you grow comfortable in your own sexuality, your children will learn to imitate your behavior as they begin to understand their sexuality. By being open about your own story, you can model that confidence in your sexuality is a lifelong learning process.

For more information on this topic, please read the article by Gentle Path:

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