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Sex Addiction: Does it really Exist?

by on Monday, December 29th, 2014

Can someone really be addiction to sex? This question is often asked with much skepticism. How can such a core part of one’s human become an addiction? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places sex on the same level as breathing, food, water, and shelter! If this is the case, then how can sex become an addiction?

sex addiction on brainThe answer to this inquiry begins with answering the question, what is an addiction?  According to the higher powers in the psychological realm, an addiction is any substance or action that causes significant harm to one’s life. Eight subcategories exist to further explain this definition, but let’s look at the basic concept. For example, an addiction to cocaine can cause significant harm to a persons life through physical effects, financial losses from cost of the drug, relationships, loss of productivity, unable to end the addiction, and more. Looking through this lens, chewing gum can become an addiction if it causes such distress.


Under this definition, sex, used to refer to many sexual acts, can become an addiction. Sex becomes harmful when a person neglects their personal health, such as eating and sleeping, to pursue it. The individual who neglects family and friends to pursue sex harms those relationships in their life. Normal everyday activities are overshadowed by pondering thoughts of sexual encounters for an addict. This obsession can apply to going to bars for one night stands, viewing pornography, inappropriate flirting, and more. Sex addiction, at it’s root form, is when one’s sexual desires trump other areas of life bringing harm to oneself and their family. Through this viewpoint, the concept of sex addiction is alive and well in our culture today. Many argue sex addiction is the faster growing addiction in America, thriving from the simply denial of it’s existence.

About Kyle Beard

Chris Simon founded Restorations Therapy Center to help those struggling with sexual addiction to discover health and wholeness for themselves as well as for their marriage and family. The havoc addiction brings is not compartmentalized to one area of life, but influences marriage, family, work, friendship and more. Chris experienced the turmoil of addiction in his own life. Through his own recovery journey, he strives to help others in the throes of addiction to experience the freedom and joy he lives today. Chris received in Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health, working solely with individuals struggling with sexual addiction his entire career. He trained under Dr. Tom Olschner, a psychologist working with sexual addictions for over thirty years, gaining a breadth of experience and knowledge from a renown therapist. A Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) is the only certification in existence for sexual addiction recovery, which Chris has pursued with fervor. You can contact Chris via email at or telephone at (720) 446-6585

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