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Red Flags in Abusive Relationships

by on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

abusive relationships

Many individuals in abusive relationships will often deny the mistreatment or make excuses for their partner’s abusive behavior. The majority of victims have blinders that cause them to overlook the obvious red flags. However, there are also red flags that can easily be ignored. Knowing what to look for can help point to an abusive relationship, helping someone you love, or even yourself escape. Here are common red flags to search for in abusive relationships.

Extreme Jealousy

Many abusers often have low self-esteem or insecurity issues, which can cause them to exhibit extreme jealousy. This behavior can manifest itself in various ways, including never leaving their partner’s side, controlling who they hang out with, accusations of cheating, tracking your location, or monitoring your phone. These are not normal or healthy behaviors and can point to abuse.

Deflecting Blame

Abusers are toxic, meaning they do not want to accept responsibility for their actions or behaviors. Instead, they deflect blame onto others or outside circumstances beyond their control. They will always place themselves in the victim role, unable to see how they are the ones causing the damage in their life. Commonly, they will deflect blame onto the partner they are abusing.

Being Overly Sensitive

If you are dating someone that often gets angry over the smallest of issues or tries to pick fights, this could point to them being abusive. Many abusers cause their partners to walk on eggshells around them, worried about anything they do or so in fear of their partner lashing out at them. Abusers will also commonly blow things out of proportion even if they are insignificant.


Abusers are master manipulators and can use this behavior in various ways against their partners. This includes manipulating them into sex when they don’t want to, begging them to stay when they are trying to leave, or manipulating their victim into believing they have changed. Abusers use manipulation to keep their partners around even when they misbehave so they can continue exerting their control over them.

Survivors of abusive relationships can often look back at their past relationships and point out the red flags. However, these are much harder to see when you are in a relationship and want to believe your partner is not abusive. Educating people on the red flags of abusive relationships can help them realize that they or someone they love is in danger. At Restorations Therapy, we work diligently to help our clients heal from abusive relationships. The road to recovery is not easy, but our customizable treatment plans and dedicated staff will help you flourish in your new life. Call us today at (720) 446-6585.

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