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Practicing Thankfulness or Gratitude: An Important Part of Addiction Counseling

by on Friday, August 20th, 2021

So, you’re in addiction therapy and finding it hard to be thankful for things? Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Everyone in therapy finds themselves in a similar situation at one time or another. It can be hard to find things you’re thankful for, something that even those not in therapy struggle with that from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up too badly. Still, practicing thankfulness or gratitude is a common and necessary part of addiction counseling.

Why Is Having Gratitude Important?

There may be times when it’s hard to find things to be grateful for. It’s those times when you need to try that much harder to find the good things in your life. It might be helpful to keep a gratitude journal, writing down one or two things that you’re grateful for each day, including more if you’re so inspired. Just make sure these are things you are grateful for, not things you should be thankful for. There is a difference, and they make a difference in how you perceive them.

Practicing gratitude is especially helpful when you’re having a bad day. During those times, you can see in your journal that you really do have things that make your life worth living. These are things that you’d truly miss if they weren’t there. They’ll help sustain you during those “down” times. You’ll likely experience feelings of peacefulness, relaxation, and calm. By contrast, it can help you have fewer times when you feel upset, angry, negative, or out of control.

Things to Consider When Thinking About Gratitude

If you’re struggling to find something to be thankful for, consider where your life was before getting into an addiction recovery program. 

You might also think about what you can do for others today or how you can help in your community. There’s nothing as satisfying as finding ways to give back by helping serve your community or its citizens through volunteering. In the long run, this will help you feel good about assisting someone or with something. In turn, you’ll no doubt feel grateful that you have the ability to help in some way.   

No matter where you’re at in your addiction therapy, it’s never too late to start a gratitude journal and fill it with things for which you are grateful. You don’t have to fill the journal all at once. Just write down one or two things a day or as things come to you. Whether your counselor wants you to keep such a journal or do it on your own, being grateful is an important part of your therapy. If you need to find an addiction counselor, call us at Restorations Therapy. Our counselors will develop individualized therapy for you based on your needs and personal situation. Call us today at (720) 446-6585

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