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Pornography verses Marriage, Who is Winning?

by on Friday, February 27th, 2015

Sexual addiction is a newly researched and debated topic in our society. The adverse affects of pornography continue to be supported by research conducted throughout the world. Recently, a research study published in the Washington Post presents intriguing information around pornography’s connection with decline in American marriage rates.

MvPThe article by the Washington Post entitled American’s Aren’t Getting Married and Research Think Porn is Part of the Problem, highlights a shift in recent culture revolving around the large consumption of pornography. The article describes a positive correlation that exists between pornography use and continued singleness in American society. Basic translation: the more pornography an American views, the lower the likelihood he/she will marry!

The article highlights that if one finds their sexual satisfaction outside of marriage than the belief that they will find sexual satisfaction in marriage declines. Many other factors play into the numerical decline of marriage, as indicated in the article, yet pornography still stands as a remarkable publication in mainstream media. After years of television shows romanticizing emotionless sex, the Washington Post argues for the other side of the coin through articles such as the one discussed here.

Well documented outside of this article, the negative results of pornography include low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, discontentment with partners, decreased work productivity, decline of meaningful relationships, and more. Just like you can’t eat all the food you desire and expect to be healthy, the viewing of prolific amounts of pornography cannot lead to healthy interpersonal sexual relationships either.This article in the Washington Post marks a significant shift in the battle against pornography in our culture. Pornography not only effects the individual watching, but has great effects on our societal values as a whole.

The Washington Post article can be read here.

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