Partners of Addicts

Help for partners of addicts

Partners of addicts may experience a significant amount of trauma themselves.  From the trauma of learning about their partner’s actions, to the prolonged trauma of an unhealthy marriage, partners need support to help process their experiences. Feelings of anger and pain are normal for partners, and you should not go through these feelings alone. Valiant Living provides levels of support for spouses in their own recovery process. Approximately 60% of individuals in our program struggling with an addiction have their partner receiving the care and attention they need to work through their own pain.

This program brought a new amount of happiness to my life and marriage, a level I never thought possible! – JD

The recovery plan for partners individualized to each situation. Many partners attend individual therapy to look at their own feelings around their partner’s addiction and its impact on them. We also highly suggest our group for Partners of Addicts, where partners can find community and support through this difficult time with others who have experienced a similar trauma. Important ideas for partners we want to address are:

  • You need to heal from your trauma just as much as your addicted partner
  • You did not cause your partner’s addiction
  • Recovery involves working through the pain, where things often feel worse before feeling better
  • Healthy boundaries are difficult, but necessary in your relationship
  • Trust in your relationship can be rebuilt with openness and effort for both you and your partner
  • Support from other partners of addicts who understand your shock and pain is integral to your recovery

If your partner struggles with an addiction, finding help to navigate your own feelings is as important as your partner’s recovery. To contact a staff member for a free phone consultation to discuss your own needs for health, please contact us.

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 We all have traumas in life, influencing us in many ways. Often traumas influence how we process events, blocking progress unless we receive the specific attention needed.

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