Am I in a Relationship with Someone that Suffers from an Intimacy Disorder?

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A Partner's RealityMany partners or spouses are searching for understanding, wondering if their partner may have an intimacy disorder. Whenever you ask about their sexuality, they may avoid the question, change the topic, attack you for being suspicious; does this mean they are hiding something?

The American culture views sexuality as a taboo topic, even though sex is spread across the media. Just because your spouse feels uncomfortable about the topic does not mean they have an intimacy disorder. Many individuals were raised never to talk about sex, and this belief continued into their marriage.

Listed below is a short six question assessment to help a individual look at their spouse’s behavior. This is not a definitive test, but an adaptation of the PATHOS test for intimacy disorders. It is a brief assessment to see if further consultation is recommended. If you answer yes to two or more of the questions, you may want to seek further assessment.

1. Does your partner seem preoccupied with sexual thoughts or behaviors?

2. Does your partner hide his/her sexual behavior from you?

3. Do you feel your partner needs help for his/her sexual behavior?

4. Have you been hurt emotionally because of your partner’s sexual behavior?

5. Does your partner seem to be controlled by his/her sexual desire?

6. Has your partner accused you of being “crazy” or “jealous” when you question his/her sexual behavior?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you may be in a relationship with someone that suffers from an intimacy disorder. If you are questioning this, or you’d like to talk with one of our staff for a free phone consultation, please contact us or call 720-446-6585. You don’t have to navigate you struggle alone.

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