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One Book That Any Individual Battling Anxiety and Stress Should Read

by on Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Battling Anxiety and Stress

The most significant and life-changing books dealing with stress and anxiety should provide strategies for managing symptoms. These books should also have a personal touch where the writer experiences anxiety themselves and takes you on a personal journey of empathy and healing. Below, we discuss a book about stress and anxiety that may help you take control of your life instead of turning to self-medication as a means to overcome these issues.

First, We Make The Beast Beautiful – by Sarah Wilson

This book is the personal story of Sarah Wilson’s struggle with anxiety, and its format is reminiscent of a collection of journal entries. Wilson recognizes her struggle with anxiety, gives real-life examples of dealing with it, and provides the reader with strategies to ease their anxiety. She reminds you to recognize your anxiety and not to fight it, since it may be managed.

Wilson also recognizes that everyone’s anxiety journey is different, so their management skills for anxiety and stress will also differ. She says things like, “make your bed every day,” which may sound small and possibly unnecessary, but this simple act proves to increase a sense of accomplishment and a routine to lessen stress immediately.

Furthermore, Wilson points out physical ways to deal with stress, such as building up one’s core since those axial muscles directly connect the brain to the adrenal medulla, which is a part of the adrenal glands that partially contribute to your stress response. As technology and society continue to advance, so does everyday anxiety and stressors. Modern life is fast-paced and may become a nightmare for individuals battling chronic anxiety and stress.

Wilson points out a couple of different types of stress nowadays, including fair enough anxiety, which occurs in most individuals due to things like divorce or public speaking. At the same time, the other is disordered anxiety that may take control of your life and turn into a multitude of anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Need Help Managing Stress?

Everyday anxiety continues to increase in today’s society, and modern life is the catalyst. People are not getting adequate amounts of sleep, working too much, multitasking constantly, and not finding balance in their lives. Type-A behavior is a common trait, associated with a fast-paced lifestyle and constant struggle to accomplish goals in a short amount of time. To battle this behavior, which negatively impacts health, we must find activities that we enjoy, and that lessen our anxiety. This search may be a difficult task simply because of the presence of anxiety in the first place. Start small, like taking a walk, sitting on a park bench or your porch, and try to develop a morning routine. If you are seeking help with anxiety, or even subsequent substance misuse or substance use disorder, call us today at (720) 446-6585.

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