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Myths About PTSD

by on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

Myths About PTSD

Listening to the myths surrounding post-traumatic stress disorder can convince those suffering from it not to get help. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, 8 million adults have PTSD within a given year. Because there is a high number of those with PTSD, it is important to set the record straight on what is true about PTSD to further motivate yourself to seek treatment.

PTSD Affects Everyone- Not Just the Military 

It is a common stereotype that only service members in the military who come home develop PTSD. In reality, anyone with a traumatic event like serious accidents, natural disasters, sexual assault, terrorist attacks, and mass shootings can develop PTSD. It is possible that it can be just one incident or a number of incidents that have happened to you over time. Saying that only military members develop PTSD will make you feel like you do not fit in that category if you have never served. Anyone facing trauma can have this mental illness.

You Can Live a Typical Life with PTSD

While having PTSD may change your life, it does not mean that you cannot live it normally ever again. People with PTSD still can have a job and relationships while still living with it. You may still be experiencing symptoms despite this typical life like being easily startled. There are always mechanisms that can help you calm down like wearing noise-cancellation earplugs or headphones as well as meditation. 

Healthy People Can Still Have PTSD

People assume that if someone appears happy and fine, they are completely over their PTSD. The truth is that there is no time table for when to recover. Some people heal quicker or longer than others. Someone may look healed on the outside, but you never know what is going on in someone’s head. That person can still be healing with the emotional and mental issues that make you feel like nothing will be the same again as it was before the traumatic event.

Living with PTSD Is Not a Sign of Weakness

Anyone can develop PTSD no matter who you are. It does not mean that you are weak. PTSD is a normal reaction to out of the ordinary events that scare us. Do not think of PTSD as an immoral failing or that being in treatment is admitting defeat, but that you are being in control of your mental illness.

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