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Lauren Waters


Lauren Waters is a licensed counselor candidate who has a heart for working with adolescents struggling with sexuality and addiction. Lauren has worked with the adolescent population struggling with addiction, abuse, neglect, trauma, and much more since the beginning of her counseling career. Lauren has a passion for helping young people learn how to navigate the highly sexual culture they live in every single day. Sex addiction amongst adolescents is a budding field, and we are excited to have Lauren on our team.

Lauren also works with adult clients who are struggling with addiction, partners of addicts, or couples actively working on their relationship. She is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Process (EMDR) and has utilized this form of treatment with adult and adolescent clients. Lauren graduated from Colorado Christian University with her masters degree in counseling, and she is the mother of two young girls, ages three and four.

To contact Lauren for counseling, you can email her at or by phone, 720-500-2822. 

Lauren Waters

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