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Is It Really 2017?!?!

by on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Is it really 2017?!?! It seems like every new year sneaks up on us. I constantly hear from others what a shock it is that another year has gone by. Every year seems to speed up and surprise us when it ends. There are things we hoped to accomplish, but didn’t. Things we didn’t want to happen, but they did. And then there were those things that totally surprised us! Whether you look at 2016 as a successful or difficult year, the truth is that it has passed and a new year is upon us.

Is It Really 2017?!?!The beginning of a new year also brings new lists of goals that we want to accomplish. And let’s be honest, they are usually a long-lost dream by the end of January. I read a blog by my dear friend Dr. Heidi Petak from the Nashville area about making 2017 a year of “upside-down” resolutions. I thought it was worth sharing with the recovery community as we begin this new year.


In 2017, we at RTC, hope you will be…

  1. MESSY     Because it will mean you were creative.
  2. LONELY     Because it will drive you to make a new friend.
  3. SAD     Because it will mean your heart was soft enough to feel.
  4. IGNORANT     Because it will give you the desire to learn.
  5. A MISTAKE-MAKER     Because it will mean you tried something new.
  6. WRONG     Because it means you get to say you’re sorry.
  7. NEEDY     Because it gives you the gift of asking for help.
  8. BORED     Because then you might be inventive.
  9. UNCERTAIN     Because then you will have to trust.
  10. WEAK     Because then you will see the power of God.
  11. SCARED   Because then you might be trying something that feels way bigger than you.

So this year, we hope that you are able to fulfill these upside-down resolutions. May this year be filled with opportunities to grow, and may you rise to the occasion. May this be the year that your recovery goes to a level you never expected before!

To read the full blog by Dr. Heidi Petak, click the link here.

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