Intensive Outpatient Program

The healing process

The healing process of addiction, depression, anxiety, and trauma requires more than just the absence of a substance or behavior, but a new level of honesty with ourselves, our loved ones, and the ability to ask for help. While guilt, shame, stress and apprehension of the future can often be overwhelming in early sobriety, these are not the Promises that are offered through Recovery. At Restorations, we believe that Recovery is not something found in isolation, but something that is cultivated through community, self-discovery, hope, and connection.

Our Intensive Outpatient Programming has been designed with you and your family in mind. Our experienced and highly-trained staff develop an individualized Recovery Plan that provides flexibility to your existing commitments of work, school or caring for the family while still working alongside you on the skills that support lasting change. Each Intensive Outpatient Plan is comprised of a minimum of 9 hours per week combining group therapy, individual sessions, and family sessions.

Clients may participate in:

  • Group Therapy sessions help clients address clinical issues through group conversations, where clients are encouraged to try new behaviors and challenge self-defeating attitudes.
  • Individual Therapy one-on-one sessions with addiction counselors where clients process, verbalize and work through addiction-related issues.
  • Family Counseling encourages the client’s family to identify, discuss and address issues related to the client’s addiction.
  • Multi-Family Counseling group counseling is a forum for multiple families to come together to share experiences and support each other. Multi-family group counseling not only encourages families, it helps them understand the nature and consequences of addiction.

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Health and wholeness are available to everyone willing to commit to pursuing a better life. Our program offers tested paths to a happy you and a better life!

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Intimacy Disorders

Addiction influences every part of life, from family, work, and friends, to self-esteem; recovery bring health and wholeness to everything. Learn about our powerful recovery process.

Partners of Addicts

 Partners need their own support to process the pain and anger from their partners actions. See how Restorations can provide the support needed through this difficult time.

Therapy Groups

 You are not alone, and need support from others in the same situation. Groups provide a support system alongside therapy by a facilitator to propel you forward in your recovery.

Couples Therapy

 When a relationship takes a hit, no matter who’s at fault, both partners have had to pay a price. Couples therapy provides a safe place to face the hurts and together work toward restoration.


 We all have traumas in life, influencing us in many ways. Often traumas influence how we process events, blocking progress unless we receive the specific attention needed.

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