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How to Handle the Emotional Hurdles of a Long Distance Relationship

by on Monday, November 11th, 2019

Long-distance relationships can be very hard to keep but can be a good test in what you will do to keep this relationship alive. If the two of you let distance break you up, then it shows that your relationship was not strong enough to begin with. By always communicating with each other and making time to see each other, the two of you will be in good spirits when you meet again.

Talk of Methods of Communication

It may be that you have told your significant other that you will talk to each other every day, but maybe you do not mean every day the way your partner does. Talking can mean different things whether you mean texting, calling, emailing, video chats, etc. Speak to your partner about when you two planning on communicating with each other and which method. This will become a routine for you if you keep it up. That way, none of you think that the other does not care enough to reach out. Make it a plan to speak to each other either once or a few times a week and change the modes of how you talk to be able to see that person and hear their voice.

Virtual Date Nights

It may not feel the same to have a date when the two of you cannot see each other in person, but it is best to take what you can get. At least if you have a video chat date, you can see and hear each other. It will help you feel closer to your partner compared to only calls and texts. A virtual date will show that no matter where the two of you are, you still make time for each other. Make sure to set a date and time to avoid either of you postponing this date. Wherever you have this date, be sure that it is a place that has a good WIFI connection or clean your home, light some candles, and video chat at home.

Share the Same Activities

While the two of you may not be in the same place right now, it does not mean that you cannot do the same things together. While you are on the phone or a video chat, you can do things like cooking a meal at the same time, watching something that is on TV together or discuss a book you both read. The important thing is to maintain that closeness even if you are both far away.

Prioritize Travel Plans 

Whenever the two of you decide to travel to see each other, mark it in your calendars. Take turns visiting- take a plane to visit your partner this month and your partner making the trip to see you next. The two of you can also meet up in the middle as a fair compromise. This would be a good way for the two of you to explore a new place that you have never been to before. Not only will you both be reunited, but you will both experience the thrill of a new city that you can have new memories of.

Write Letters

Even though emails are the way to go when it comes to communicating with someone, there is nothing more romantic than a handwritten letter. Looking at your partner’s personal handwriting and the sweet words being written to you will fill your heart with happiness and joy. It was also an anticipation of excitement when you check the mail and see an envelope your partner sent addressed to you. Emails normally tend to be a few sentences long since it is simple to compose and send. Letters are normally much longer and require more effort. You can also send your partner a care package to remind them of home, like pictures of the two of you together, souvenirs from the places you went to, or even their favorite snack.

Make a Bucket List

While you are missing someone, it is important to find things to look forward to. This will motivate you to do whatever it takes to keep this relationship alive. It can be things like restaurants you two want to visit or to travel to different states or countries. You can make this a digital document so that the two of you can keep adding things in. As you complete the list, find a way to document it like taking pictures of you two at infamous sights in a scrapbook or digitally. Looking at these photos will remind you of how happy you are with your partner and make you even more excited for the next adventure you two will have together.

Decide on a Move Date

The best way for a long-distance relationship to work is if the two of you decide on a plan of action of who will move where. Either you will move where your partner is, they will move to you, or the two of you can both move out of your areas and somewhere new for the both of you. You can make a plan where you say that if your love for each other is still the same after six months or a year, one of you will move. Planning will make your long-distance relationship easier knowing at some point, the two of you will be together for the rest of your lives.

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