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How to Fight Against Intrusive Thoughts

by on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

intrusive thoughts

Have you ever experienced disturbing or unwanted thoughts that seem to penetrate your mind throughout the day? If so, you have most likely experienced intrusive thoughts. These thoughts can be troubling and have you feeling anxious. However, they are often caused by anxiety and anxiety disorders. If you struggle with intrusive thoughts, knowing how to get rid of them is most likely of interest to you. Here are various ways to fight against unwanted intrusive thoughts.

Acknowledge, Don’t Avoid

While intrusive thoughts can cause anxiety and have you questioning your morality, it is crucial that you do not avoid or try to suppress them. By doing so, you will only make them grow stronger, causing them to stay longer or occur more frequently. Acknowledge that the thought is there, then use a distraction to take your mind off it, such as listening to music, reading, or doing a puzzle.

Not a Reflection of You

After acknowledging the intrusive thought, it is crucial to remind yourself that it is not a reflection of you. Many people often believe that intrusive thoughts represent the worst parts of them, but this is almost never the case. Intrusive thoughts reflect the things you fear or dislike the most. Intrusive thoughts are not reality, so there is no reason to fret when you have them. Acknowledge the thoughts, remember they are not a reflection of you, and allow them to pass.

Healthy Routine

In recovery, there may be times where you find yourself stuck in the same daily routine that does not serve your mental health or sobriety. While you may not be using it, your routine may do nothing to move you forward in recovery. A lack of a healthy routine can cause intrusive thoughts, especially if it is causing more anxiety than usual. Consider implementing a yoga routine, journaling time, or taking walks outside. By blocking out time in your day for these activities, your mental health may begin to improve, and intrusive thoughts will start to subside.

Intrusive thoughts are common, with many individuals experiencing them occasionally. While these thoughts can be upsetting, it is essential to know how to cope with them, so they do not cause more trouble. To do so, you should learn how to acknowledge them and remember they do not represent you. By making positive changes to your daily routine, you can lessen the intrusive thoughts in your life. Restorations Therapy can also help you through our wide selection of services and customized treatment programs. We want to help you have a happy and healthy life. Call us today at (720) 446-6585.

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