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How Moby Overcame Drug Addiction

by on Saturday, June 15th, 2019

How Moby Overcame Drug Addiction

Moby is a musician who had gold and platinum certified records, hung out with movie stars and models, and lived across the street from David Bowie. His constant panic attacks led him to self-medicate through drugs. By coming clean in his memoir and his real life, Moby helped break the stigma of addiction and can be an inspiration to other musicians.

The Start of Moby’s Addiction

According to Moby’s memoir, this musician had struggles with panic attacks and would constantly feel out of place. Moby’s way of coping was binge drinking, party drugs, and reckless sex which would lead him to a destructive path. He started experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and sex for four years after his mother passed away from lung cancer in 1997. While on tour in 2002, he was being argumentative and alienating close friends of his. At the end of the year, he promised his then-girlfriend that he would quit alcohol for one month which lasted two weeks. His drinking continued and he would ask audience members to give him drugs. After he attempted suicide when he was 43, he had his last drink in 2008.

Addiction in Moby’s Memoir

In Moby’s memoir “Then It Fell Apart,” he felt like it was important to not use cliches since people already know that sex and drugs do not lead to long-term happiness. Moby talked about his childhood memories like his father’s suicide, the shame of growing up poor, and being sexually assaulted at a San Francisco daycare center. When speaking about his adulthood, Moby speaks of how he thought fame would fix feeling adequate and that being promiscuous would fix his childhood trauma. Moby spoke heartfeltly about his triumphs like being able to perform with New Order and his lows like experiencing suicidal thoughts. Instead of speaking in detail of his recovery, Moby spoke instead about the day he realized he had a problem and wanted to see treatment.

Moby Now Since Getting Clean

For the past 11 years, Moby has released several albums, getting music-licensing deals, and opened a nonprofit vegan restaurant to raise money for animal rights causes. He plans on writing another book not about his recovery, but about how his spirituality helped him through his recovery. Moby can teach us that instead of trying to fit into the celebrity party world, it is more important to be true to yourself and your health.

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