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How an All-Nighter Can Mess with Your Physical and Mental Health

by on Monday, January 13th, 2020

We have all pulled all-nighters when we have a deadline to meet for work or school. Pulling too many of them, on the other hand, can lead to sleep deprivation. By giving yourself time to sleep and doing whatever you can during waking hours, you will protect your mind and body better by avoiding all-nighters.

Fighting Your Natural Drive to Sleep

Pulling all-nighters mean that your body wants to sleep but you are fighting it. Vice President of SleepScore Labs Roy Raymann says that this means using “wake-promoting factors” like caffeine, keeping the environment cold, standing, and providing lots of light. You want to avoid anything that can make you fall asleep like if the room is dark, having a comfortable room temperature, or closing your eyes.

The Body Skips Recovery Period

When your body skips a full night’s sleep, it misses the opportunity to relax and recharge. When you are asleep, cells and tissues are repaired, toxins are removed from the brain, memories and emotions are dealt with and stored, and you experience a reduction of fatigue. Limiting your sleep can leave you feeling unrefreshed if you have not recovered from the day. 

Impaired Focus and Accuracy

During a single night of sleep deprivation, the brain’s microstructures change. Sleeping gets rid of the toxins that have been in your brain during the day. No sleep can lead to impaired communication between your brain cells, making it hard for you to concentrate or work towards your full potential. While you may feel like you need to stay up late to study for a test, you are more likely to get wrong answers without sleep. Being sleep deprived has been compared to drunkenness which is why you should not drive or operate heavy machinery if you do not get enough sleep.

Poor Decisions

Sleep deprivation can lead to poor judgment since changes occur within the prefrontal cortex. Instead of thinking hard about your decisions, you act impulsively. You avoid thinking about the negative consequences of your actions and you go with your gut feeling because you do not have the energy to think things through.


It is normal to be cranky when you have not had enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to a very long bad mood. You will become more easily irritated or annoyed. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep will improve your physical and mental health.

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