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How Adults Can Deal with an Alcoholic Parent

by on Thursday, August 8th, 2019

How Adults Can Deal with an Alcoholic Parent

It can be challenging to have a parent battling alcoholism. When you see your parents exhibiting behaviors that are out of character for a parent to have, it can impact the relationships and the decisions you make going forward. By being open about your feelings and not blaming yourself, this will prevent you from ruining your life as a result of your parent’s alcoholism. 

Signs of an Alcoholic Parent 

You know that you have an alcoholic parent if you notice your mother or father not being able to stop drinking after their first drink and will continue to drink until they pass out. They also have no control over their actions where they may yell or abuse their children but have no memory when the alcoholic effects wear off. You may also notice liquor bottles hidden in unusual places like the washing machine, car, the backyard, etc. You may have also witnessed what happens to your parent without alcohol like experiencing nausea, shaking, sweating, and irritation. When they wake up, they drink and before they go to sleep, they drink. You may have felt like you had to raise your parents instead of the other way around.

Alcoholic Effect on Adults

Adults with alcoholic parents tend to have trust issues when they grow up. This makes it hard for them to be close to other people and cause trouble in future relationships. Because they did not receive the care and attention that they yearned for, you become aggressive and angry at the world for not having the treatment you deserved. Children of alcoholic parents have more of a chance of becoming an alcoholic themselves since parents are supposed to provide an example for their children. Their parents cannot tell them not to drink if the parents themselves are not willing to quit. 

What You Can Do

Try to investigate why it is your parents have a drinking problem such as if they had a failed romantic relationship or burdening financial issues. Try to remember the good times you had with your parents when they were sober. Do not blame yourself for your parent’s alcoholism as it was their job to take care of you instead of the other way around. Be open to your parents about how hurt you are and convince them to seek treatment. You can show genuine concern for your parents while also taking care of yourself.


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