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Five Ways Your Life Changes When You Spend 30 Days Sober From Alcohol

by on Thursday, January 14th, 2021

Whether you are in recovery already or considering it, it is essential to recognize the benefits sobriety has for you. A great way to do this is to examine the changes in your life when you spend a certain amount of time without drinking or using drugs. The changes that occur in the first 30 days of sobriety are significant. Thirty days is a huge milestone for those in recovery, and it can help to know that you will already notice positive changes in your life even in this short period. 

Your Sleep Quality Will Improve

Common withdrawal symptoms of various drugs and alcohol include insomnia and restlessness, which may be the culprit of insufficient sleep. However, as the withdrawal symptoms wear off, you may notice your sleep quality improving. Your body can now enter REM sleep, which is what your body needs to heal itself. Sleep is essential in recovery, allowing you to heal.

You Pose Less Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

If you have struggled with addiction, particularly alcoholism, your cholesterol levels may be higher than average, putting you at risk of cardiovascular disease. The more you drink, the more at risk you are. As you stop drinking and your body cleanses itself, your cholesterol level will lower, and your risk of developing cardiovascular disease will decrease as well.

You May Lose Weight

Not everyone that has struggled with alcoholism loses weight when they stop drinking, but there is a chance you might. Alcohol itself is typically high in calories, and some drinks have high amounts of sugar, contributing to weight gain. When you cut out alcohol, this eliminates the extra calories and sugar you were consuming, sometimes resulting in weight loss.

Your Liver Will Start Healing

Heavy drinkers often suffer from liver disease or cirrhosis, which can lead to permanent health problems. When you stop drinking, your liver can start the healing process. Toxins and fats will be broken down more efficiently, allowing you to heal faster.

You Have Less Risk of Cancer

Addiction may put individuals at risk of developing certain kinds of cancer, especially addiction to alcohol. According to the National Toxicology Program of the US Department of Health and Human Services, alcohol is a human carcinogen. When you stop drinking, you become less likely to develop cancer as a result of your addiction.

It can be challenging to motivate yourself to stop drinking when 30 days seems like forever away. However, knowing that benefits are waiting for you even after just one month of not drinking is a great motivator. At Restorations Therapy, our goal is to help our clients reach milestones in sobriety and keep going. Through our treatment programs, we can help you find the strength and motivation to get sober. Contact Restorations Therapy if you or someone you know is struggling. We can give you that push to get started to allow yourself to reap the benefits sobriety has for you. Call us today at (720) 446-6585.

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