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Examples of Better Self-Talk

by on Wednesday, January 27th, 2021


Did you know the way you talk to yourself matters? Whether it is mentally or verbally, what you say to yourself can significantly affect your thoughts and emotions. Positive self-talk is crucial to maintain a better mood and stable mental health. It can also make all the difference if you are currently in recovery either for addiction, mental health, or physical health. If you are used to engaging in negative self-talk, you may be unsure what positive self-talk looks like. Here are some examples to get you started. Remember, practice makes perfect!

I Am Human, and That’s Okay.

Sometimes when you slip up and make a mistake, it is easy to be hard on yourself and call yourself stupid, messy, and other self-deprecating names. Instead, try to see things from a different perspective and remember you are human. Humans make mistakes, and that’s okay. Learn from them and move on.

I Am Allowed to Change My Mind.

Changing your mind or perspective after being presented with new information does not make you weak or a hypocrite. When you can admit you were wrong and change your perspective, that is a sign of strength.

I’m Still Learning.

When you make a mistake either at work, school, or in your daily life, remind yourself that it is not the end of the world. You are still learning.

What Am I Supposed to Learn From This?

When something negative happens in your life, especially when it seems unfair or out of nowhere, you may be questioning the universe. Why is it happening to you? Why do you deserve this? Instead, try to see what the situation is teaching you. Be open and learn rather than being down on yourself.

I Am Worthy. I Am Deserving of Love.

When you don’t feel good enough or as if your best is never enough, remind yourself that you are still loved and deserving of love. You deserve the things you want, even if they seem too far to grasp. You are strong, worthy, and loved.

Negative self-talk can have a profound effect on mental health. Learning how to change negative self-talk into positive self-talk will help you practice until it becomes a habit. When you engage in negative self-talk, your mood and thoughts are affected, often leaving you feeling depressed, anxious, and not good enough. Practicing positive-self talk can change your perspective and teach you to see the good not only in yourself but in the world around you. When you feel negative thoughts coming on, see how you can change them into positive ones. Eventually, this will become second-nature. To learn more about self-talk and its importance, contact Restorations Therapy at (720) 446-6585.

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