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Elizabeth Smart and Pornography

by on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Elizabeth Smart and PornographyThe debate continues to exist around the topic of pornography: is it healthy to watch or unhealthy? Numerous people have provided research, opinions, and arguments for both sides. I am not here to add to this conversation. This blog is meant to simply state one person’s view on the issue from a perspective not often seen.

Elizabeth Smart, a name in that has been in many headlines, was the victim of a kidnapping several years ago. According to Smart, her male captor repeatedly raped her for nine months, all while his wife was aware of the situation. The story is tragic, disgusting, and difficult to hear. Elizabeth recently spoke out about her captivity from a new perspective. She shared with Fight the New Drug how her captor would view pornography, make her view it as well, the proceed to rape her more than before, forcing her to perform acts seen in the pornography. The concept of being kidnapped and raped is horrifying enough, but she goes as far to claim pornography made his captivity even worse. The ideas and images from the pornography prompted new ways to use and abuse her, according to Smart.

This story can be taken out of context quickly; this is not my desire. My desire in sharing this perspective is to show the affects of pornography in this situation. Pornography, from Elizabeth’s view, influenced her captor to abuse her to a new level. Regardless of one’s position on the topic, Elizabeth is able to have her opinion. My hope from this blog is to share one person’s story, and how she feels pornography influenced it. The link to the video from Fight the New Drug is at the bottom of this article. Take a look at it yourself, and maybe your view of the issue will expand by hearing her perspective.

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