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Couples Therapy

by on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Couples Therapy

Relationships in and of themselves are complicated, particularly in modern society. Long work hours, higher workloads, and poor communication despite advancements in technology directly affect romantic relationships in the United States and across the world. Additionally, stress, anxiety, and possible substance use disorders (SUDs) or other addictions place excessive strain upon a relationship that may quickly deteriorate the intimate connection between two people.

However, healthy relationships are central to a healthy society. In contrast, unhealthy relationships and conflict directly relate to a wide array of adverse health consequences for all involved, including children and family members. Couples therapy is a way to help mend and reconcile relationships.

The Four Seasons of Marriage

All relationships and marriage go through their four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. They are self-explanatory, in that winter is the most challenging season where a relationship enters a cold period, and summer is when a relationship is warm and inviting. When a marriage or relationship enters its difficult season, both partners must remain strong and attempt to grow out of these situations, making their bond stronger.

The Detrimental Effects of Marital and Relationship Discord

Relationship discord is associated with negative consequences for adults and children alike, such as:

  • Lower-income and standards of living
  • Loyalty dilemmas for men over their children
  • Depression and identity loss for women
  • Isolation from support systems
  • Children of divorce experience troubles with social development, academic achievement, and psychological adjustment
  • Adult children of divorce encounter higher likelihoods of drug or alcohol use and psychological disorders

What Is Couples Therapy?

Therapy allows both partners to examine their cycle of pains and stagnancy, which may be built upon years of issues in a safe environment where both parties have the opportunity to feel heard. The goal of couples therapy is to restore a healthy relationship environment through facing problems head-on. Past painful events may still plague the relationship, and so addressing these past hurts is essential to rebuilding trust, love, and the sense that you are in this fight for your relationship together.

Are You Looking to Rebuild Your Relationship?

Although divorce and separation of relationships may be detrimental to all involved, research shows that even couples who stay together and experience conflict may suffer negative issues. For example, even for unmarried couples, conflict within their relationships leads to a higher occurrence of mental disorders, including anxiety or mood disorders in adults, lower work satisfaction, and less social interactions. When a relationship goes through a harsh winter or hard times, both partners experience adverse effects. Couples therapy offers a safe place for both parties to face their challenges and pains together to work towards restoring their relationship. If you are looking for help with your relationship, call us today at (720) 446-6585.

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