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Colorado Officials Made Greeting Cards to Destigmatize the Opioid Epidemic

by on Friday, January 3rd, 2020

There is still a big stigma against opioid addiction. Instead of people seeing it as a disease that needs treatment and a potential cure, they see it as an immoral choice. Colorado came up with greeting cards in hopes of destigmatizing opioids which turned out to be best-sellers.

Colorado’s Recovery Project

A few months ago, Colorado decided to come up with greeting cards that resembled Hallmark cards to encourage recovery for those suffering from addiction. After 10,000 cards were printed, they sold out in less than a week. The Office of Behavioral Health had to create a second batch after. Several orders came in from beyond Colorado. This meant that more people were discovering how serious opioid addiction is and being able to give words to those in recovery when they do not know what to say. There would be sayings on the cards like “Thank you for being there for me when I was doing everything I could to push you away” or “I will never give up on you.”

The Funding For the Recovery Project

The state of Colorado was given a $53 million federal grant to increase opioid treatment awareness given by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 10 artists sketched and painted them with four of those artists being in recovery themselves. This grant also funded six mobile treatment clinics and vans that run daily routes in Colorado. Colorado officials felt like these cards were important in making people with addiction more comfortable in asking for help. $332,000 went towards the greeting cards including artists’ fees, the website, printing, marketing, and shipping.

The Impact on Kaley Jones

Kaley Jones had been in recovery from heroin addiction for nine years. A few days before her 19th birthday, her parents discovered her stash of needles and spoons for intravenous heroin. On her birthday, her parents staged an intervention and sent her to a treatment center. Her mother felt like keeping her daughter’s addiction a secret. When she did, she found out that one of her best friends in her golf club had been in recovery for over 20 years. At the state Capitol during her recovery, Jones picked up cards for her in recovery. Her favorite card has green bananas on the front that says “Give it time. It gets better.” These greeting cards show that opioid addiction should be met with empathy instead of judgment.

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