We’re Known For Sex Addiction Counseling

Restorations Therapy Center specializes in treating sexual addiction and other intimacy struggles. Our staff pursues the highest level of training in sexual addiction and related intimacy disorders to provide the greatest quality of research-based support and treatment. We offer a range of services to address the specific needs of each client and family member.

Sex Addiction Counseling DenverCompulsive sexual behaviors is our main focus, but we also offer a variety of professional services treating the underlying trauma often associated with addiction. We have trained therapists facilitating trauma resolution groups and specific trauma techniques to help clients process and work through their own trauma and the feelings of being held hostage by woundedness to a place of peace and a greater sense of control over ones own life. We also provide unique therapeutic services for those family members directly impacted by sexually addictive behaviors of their loved ones. We believe this is one of the many services that sets our center apart and ultimately contributes to long-term healing and restoration.







[accordion_group title=”Sexual Addiction”]Sex addicts are those struggling to control their sexual behavior, with such behaviors having consequences, and unable to cease or stop behaviors they desire to change. Addicts may use rationalizing, denial, and minimizing to avoid the truth about their behavior.[/accordion_group]

[accordion_group title=”Partners and Spouses of Sexual Addicts”]Partners of sex addicts experience their own trauma, from discovering the addiction to the years of deceit, partners need support and care for themselves. Our therapist attend to the partners need to safety and security, helping to create a healthy individual; this much occur before thinking about their relationship. [/accordion_group]

[accordion_group title=”Trauma”]Many individuals experiences trauma in their past, influencing their decisions today. Working through one’s trauma may be difficult, but will help regain control of one’s life where the trauma no longer influences the person.[/accordion_group]

[accordion_group title=”Multiple Addictions”]A large amount of people struggling with sexual addiction have other addictions, such as alcohol, drugs, food, exercise, and more. Without addressing all addiction, the addict is unlikely to discover freedom from any addiction.[/accordion_group]

[accordion_group title=”Cybersex”]Online sex includes sexual chat rooms, live web cams, and more. This type of sexual addiction exists differently than others, therefore a different approach is necessary for recovery. Our therapists possess specialized training to help those struggling with this rampant addiction in our current culture. [/accordion_group]

[accordion_group title=”Intimacy and Couples Issues”]The root os sexual addiction is an intimacy disorder, being expressed through sexually acting out. Many sex addicts experience chronic loneliness, difficulty trusting others, and fearful being vulnerable with loved one. These feelings directly affect relationships, therefore need space to be identified and processed.  [/accordion_group]

[accordion_group title=”Affairs”]Affairs are rarely about the physical pleasure, but an attempt to fulfill an area lacking in the relationship. This can stem from past trauma, to the addict’s emotional distance from their partner, to other struggles. Individual and the couple growth must involve understanding and processing these underlying issues in order to move forward. [/accordion_group]

[accordion_group title=”Pornography”]The availability of free pornography created an epidemic in Western culture.  Accessibility, affordability, and anonymity allows anyone to dive into online pornography without anyone knowing. The consequences quickly arise: keeping others at a distance, making plans around porn use, diminished friendships and work productivity, and more. When pornography becomes the driving force in one’e life, sexual addiction may be present. Restorations exists to help individual reclaim their lives from a destructive sexuality.[/accordion_group]

[accordion_group title=”Survivors of Sexual Abuse”]Eighty-one percent of sex addicts were sexual abused in childhood. Sexual abuse influences one throughout life, in self-esteem, relationships, and more. Working through one’s sexual abuse, if present, in an integral part of sexual addiction recovery. Restorations helps all survivors of sexual abuse, striving to help individuals experience a healthy sexuality in their lives.[/accordion_group]

[accordion_group title=”Compulsive Masturbation”]Many individuals struggle with compulsive masturbation, paired with pornography or on it’s own. As with sexual addiction, masturbation used to escape life’s difficulties can cripple one’s life.  [/accordion_group][/accordion]



Seeking information about your struggle is the first step to finding help. If you or a loved one is struggling with any type of sexual problem, we implore you to take the powerful step of contacting someone to have a conversation. Our center can be contacted here, where a confidential staff member will provide you with a free phone consultation.


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