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A Transformation: From Victim to Survivor to Thriver

by on Thursday, May 6th, 2021


Undergoing trauma can be devastating for anyone, especially considering the emotional, mental, and physical impact on those who survive it. Often, individuals who go through trauma are labeled victims, but the recent language has dubbed them as survivors. This language change is crucial for those healing from trauma because it paints their experience and current life from a new perspective. As they continue healing, they can transform from a victim to a survivor and finally to a thriver. Understanding the different mindsets that go into each of these can help you find healing in your personal journey.

The Victim Mindset

Having a victim mindset is usually associated with a person that has undergone a severe trauma or situation and is still in the early stages following the event. The person is most likely still struggling with the effects of what happened to them, as they live in denial about needing help or the negative impact it has had on their life. They may be refusing treatment, refusing to reflect on the experience, having dysfunctional relationships, engaging in substance abuse, experiencing debilitating flashbacks, and having other negative experiences. A person moves into the “survivor” mindset once they begin taking steps towards healing.

The Survivor Mindset

Moving away from the victim mindset and into the survivor mindset involves the person realizing they need help and taking an active role in seeking recovery services. The person may still struggle with dysfunctional relationships and flashbacks due to their trauma, but they are now doing something about it to help themselves heal. Individuals with this mindset work to heal what they have gone through, but they still may struggle with the process. As they heal and learn how to live their life healthily, they will transition into a thriver mentality.

The Thriver Mindset

Once a person has actively worked on healing the effects of trauma and engages in those practices to make a better life for themselves, they transition into a thriver mindset. They will work towards realistic goals in life and have a positive outlook on life as a whole. Their interpersonal relationships are positive and supportive, and they understand how to cope with periodic triggers and challenging times. Recovery is prioritized, and the thriver may reach out to others to help them heal as well. They continue thriving and make the best life for themselves.

Trauma is a life-changing experience for anyone that goes through it, but the mindset you adopt afterward is what will facilitate your healing. Moving from victim to survivor to a thriver is a blessing that only you can make happen. It does not happen overnight, and you will have to put in the work, but the benefits will be evident and remarkable. If you are struggling with past traumas and need help healing, call Restorations Therapy today. Our programs will address mental health issues, substance abuse, and more to give you a successful recovery. Call us today at (720) 446-6585.

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