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A Shocking Revelation

by on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

You’ve just been told by your partner that he/she is a sex addict.images Your chest tightens. You feel like you can’t take a deep breath. Your heart is beating rapidly. There are so many emotions running through your head, you can’t differentiate how you feel. 

Now what do you do?

First, reach out to a licensed counselor who can walk with you through your recovery. This person must be someone who you trust and feel comfortable talking about your pain. It would be ideal if the counselor is someone who is knowledgable working with partners of sex addicts.

Sex addiction at its core is a process addiction that begins to slowly take over the addicts life. What is often overlooked is the effect the addiction has on the partner of the addict. Your recovery journey matters just as much as the recovery of your addicted partner. The steps you take right now will impact both of your lives from this moment on. There are practices in your own life that need to be explored in order to grow. 

Regardless of how your relationship continues with your addicted partner, your journey must be pursued with passion. There are aspects in your life that need to be addressed to begin the healing process, regardless of the path your relationship takes with your partner. Growth within your family begins with the changing of one person, and this process of restoration can start with you. 

About Kevie Simon

Kevie Simon works as the operations director of RTC. From marketing to finances to office management, Kevie works on it all. With her background in management and marketing, she is a great fit for our team. Additionally, Kevie has a Bachelors of Arts in Family and Human Services from John Brown University, and she is currently working on her Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health at Denver Seminary. She wants to specialize in working with partners of addicts and couples working through trauma. Kevie has learned from personal experience the effects of sex addiction on the couple and family. Contact Kevie at via email at or telephone at (720)446-6585.

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