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The specialized professionals addiction program for men.


A  More Comprehensive Model of Care

Professional Program for Men

Valiant Living offers therapy for addictions, sexual issues, and affair recovery in the Denver area. A range of services is offered including individual counseling, group counseling, couples therapy, marriage intensives, weekend intensives, and more, to provide customized treatment programs for every individual.

Intimacy and secure attachment play an integral and important part of one’s life. When chemicals, sex, and other behaviors become distorted through obsession or stifled through suppression, a powerful part of oneself becomes filled with shame and contempt. The result is isolation from healthy attachments and a distorted view of oneself. Healthy intimacy is built around safety, trust, and respect, fostering connection. Valiant Living is dedicated to helping individuals and couples create true intimacy, leading to a life of healthy and happy intimacy.

Intimacy Disorder Therapy

Valiant Living provides comprehensive outpatient treatment for addictions, sexual issues, and related intimacy problems. We utilize assessments and a multidimensional program to foster the development of a healthy intimacy. Offering a range of services, we create a personally tailored recovery process focusing on each client’s specific needs.

The Gold Seal of Approval shows an organization is accredited and meets The Joint Commission’s highest standards of care. These standards are creating collaboratively with healthcare experts, providers and patients. An organization can only achieve Gold Seal Approval after the accreditation process and unannounced, rigorous on-site evaluation. This approval honors a commitment to maintaining and exceeding quality benchmarks and patient safety standards.

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Intimacy Disorders

Addiction influences every part of life, from family, work, and friends, to self-esteem; recovery bring health and wholeness to everything. Learn about our powerful recovery process.

Partners of Addicts

 Partners need their own support to process the pain and anger from their partners actions. See how Restorations can provide the support needed through this difficult time.


 We all have traumas in life, influencing us in many ways. Often traumas influence how we process events, blocking progress unless we receive the specific attention needed.

Living Options During Treatment

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